“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." - Matthew 9:38


We go to the poor to create a community, meet their physical needs, and invite them into a relationship with Jesus!


Burrito Brigade for Tuesdays:

We will be making breakfast burritos every Tuesday from 9:30-noon. 


Cook (1): Make eggs and potatoes and sauce for the 300 burritos.

Burrito Makers (3): Assemble burritos and wrap them in foil.


Outreach Workers for Wednesdays & Thursdays & Fridays:

We will be going out to tent cities to hand out food and share the gospel with people from noon to 2:00 pm.


Evangelists and servers: Hand out burritos and talk with people. Being an outreach volunteer is as easy as getting to know people! Learn about their story and their needs, refer them to whatever help they may need, and offer follow-up, talk with them about Jesus and offer to pray with them.


Trash Ministry:


Trash picker-uppers (2): We want to help the homeless clean up their tent cities. Simply bring trash cans out and help them clean their space. As always, there are opportunities to connect with people and share the gospel.


Future Needs:


Shower Truck Teams:

We will be taking the shower truck to various locations in the Denver area to bring a mobile shower trailer to the homeless population.



Driver: We need a person who has a CDL license to pick up the shower trailer with our pull vehicle and drive it to the day's location. They would need to drive the vehicle to dump the grey water and then return it to the parking location.

Vehicle Support Person: This person would help hook the trailer to the pull vehicle, connect to the water supply at the site, and ready the trailer for the day. They would help in the operations of the shower trailer, help clean the trailer at the end of the day, hook it back up to the pull vehicle, dump the grey water and return the trailer to the parking location.

Shower Coordinator: This person will coordinate the showers at the location. They will sign people up for showers and enforce the time limit of showers, clean the shower after each use and provide towels and hygiene products to the guests. Gospel conversations for our waiting guests are strongly encouraged.

Food Servers: Bring food & beverage in the support van for the outreach, set up tables, and everything you need to have to serve the meal. Serve the food and talk to them while they eat. Break down food stations, clean up and load the van. 

Clothing Attendant: Bring clothing in support van vehicle for the outreach, set up the clothing station, and distribute clothing to the homeless. Break down the clothing station at the end of the outreach, clean, and load the van.