“O LORD, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear.” - Psalm 10:17


We Feed, Clothe, Heal, and Share the Gospel 365 days a year!


Pray for the RISE Residential Community

Pray for our Respite Care

Pray for our weekly outreach ministry

Prayer for an increase in Sustaining Partners "Monthly Donors"

This weeks staff prayer needs:

LW - prays for his friend whose mother recently passed away.  Help him walk with her as she grieves.  Guard his thoughts with truth over him

MS - prays for healing from COVID and for his granddaughter to seek help and turn to the Lord 

ET - prays for an expedited date for surgery and for healing and finances to assist with his dog's emergency condition.

PB - prays for unity and holiness at CBM.

CL - prays for healing in friend Roslin's legs and for her to know God's presence at the hospital

DrJ - prays for God's provision, timing, and healing regarding his mother's health