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“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” 

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

We have so much to be thankful for at Christ’s Body Ministries, but we are extra thankful this Thanksgiving!

This is a time in Christ Body Ministries’ life when God moved in an unimaginable and miraculous way. At CBM we pray daily and get to see how God pours his favor out on us every week with unexpected gifts, food and clothing donations, volunteers to serve the homeless, his protection, and seeing him work in our guests and resident’s lives. But Friday, November 16 was different. We experienced something truly miraculous.

It started last winter when Jason Peace came to us homeless, in need of food, clothes, and a place to warm up. Jason was a career criminal and unbeknown to us, Jason had led a life of serious criminal behavior. He came to Christ's Body Ministries while he was on parole.

Jason began hearing about Jesus, and realized his need was a matter of the heart. He became a new creation in Christ and God changed Jason’s heart. He was baptized at CBM on a Sunday night and we saw the heart transformation process begin.

We were still unaware of all his past but Jason began volunteering and was eventually invited to become a part of our community as a full-time resident. Jason was being discipled and began to learn how a true Jesus follower should live. Then the police paid him a visit at Christ’s Body Ministries and everything changed. We began to find out who Jason really was and learned about his extensive 20-year criminal history.

Jason’s new faith in Jesus was genuine, but it didn’t take away his legal problems. He did the right thing and turned himself in to the Gilpin County Sheriff’s office and was taken to the county jail and served 2 months behind bars as he awaited sentencing. With the help of Pastor Jim and Pastor Denis, he was released on bond while he awaited his next court date.

After a court appearance in Gilpin County in September, Jason pleaded guilty to breaking and entering a personal residence and stealing property. With seven prior felonies, 20 years in prison, and another serious crime, his prospects of getting more jail time was inevitable.

As Jason awaited sentencing on November 16, he served at Christ’s Body doing whatever was asked of him and this did not go unnoticed. As we prayed for the Lord to allow Jason to get probation over being sent back to prison, humanly it looked impossible. Pastor Jim wrote a letter to Judge Dennis Hall asking for leniency and the letter was also sent to the District Attorney.

Copious prayers have been sent up by the staff, Pastors, residents, board members, and volunteers praying for God to do a miracle and have Jason receive probation rather than go back to prison. Humanly it looked impossible and Jason packed up the things in his room and made preparations to be hauled off in hand cuffs and return to prison likely for 2-5 more years after the sentencing.

But God showed up and has different plans for Jason’s life. God used a letter from Pastor Jim to Judge Dennis Hall, his Public Defender Alex Taufer asked for probation, and the District Attorney who had waved the probation rule back in September. Also, personal testimonies from Pastor Jim and Pastor Denis appearing before the court, had an impact on the Judge having mercy on Jason and set him free with no prison time. If we were truly honest, all of us were expecting prison time for Jason.

The name of Jesus will be lifted high and He gets all the praise, honor, and glory for the miracle we experienced in the Gilpin County courtroom. This story will be told countless times and the Lord will use it to touch many more guys like Jason who have no hope. We are praising the Lord for pouring out his “goodness and mercy on Jason that will follow him all the days of his life.” Psalm 23:6

Matthew 19:26 "But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” 


Pastor Denis

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