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Our Resident Wyoming Trip; "It Can't Get Any Better!"

Mike is one of our residents at Christ's Body. Read about his experiences on our recent resident trip to Wyoming!

The September, 2018 Christ’s Body Ministry Wyoming trip was a complete success. Although some people don’t like long drives, I happen to love traveling and enjoyed the seven hour trip up and back. I enjoyed all the scenery, counting the wild life, going through places I once lived and worked; going down memory lane. The drive however, didn’t even compare to what lay ahead for us.

We pulled into Black Bear Inn at dark, so it was hard to see the beauty all around us. We got into our rooms, wow, gorgeous king-sized beds, all the things in there you would ever need. The rooms made you feel like you were at home. After getting settled in our rooms we made our way down to the camp fire which is right by the river, gorgeous. Our perfect hosts, Liz, Matthew and Tippet were making us dinner and afterwards made s’mores over the fire. You’re thinking, it can’t get any better than this until you climb into these comfortable beds, and the quietness of the mountains for the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

Well, it can’t get any better than that until you get up in the morning and you see just how beautiful it is there. Liz has the place fixed up like botanical gardens, and you walk up to this river, wow.. Now, it just can’t get any better than this. Wrong again!

Pastor Jim gives us a Bible study right by the river. It couldn’t get any more spiritual than that. If an atheist was there, he would have turned to Christ, it was awesome. This was just the first few hours of two days with our gracious host Liz, and her family.

Some went on a hike up to see waterfalls, which from the pictures I saw, were gorgeous. They then trekked on up to Lake Louise. The rest of us stayed below to fish and canoe on a lake. No fish, but it was awesome. We also drove up to a spot to look at the Grand Tetons, which is another memory lane for me, for I used to live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

That night, it was pork chops on the grill by the river; can it get any better? Yep. The next day, it’s fly fishing lessons. None of us had ever fly fished before except Pastor Jim. I think we all did pretty well, catching on how to do it. Then it’s up to the mountains to a shallow stream, where bears frequently hang out; luckily, not that day. We all were in our waders out in the middle of the stream and everyone caught fish, small ones, but everyone caught some. It was a blast. We came back and Matthew, Pastor Jim and Jason went fishing up the river that runs behind liz’s and caught more fish! That night the steaks on the BBQ by the river, wow.

The next morning, Pastor Jim preaches at the river and we have our first river church service, awesome. Then we get into the huge van Deacon Jerry and Ed got for us and headed home. Oh, by the way, rush hour in Dubois Wyoming is four cars. Was it a success? Oh, yes. Couldn’t get any better.

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