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Meet Lettie: How she is trusting God during difficult times

Christ’s Body Ministries is staying open during the coronavirus when businesses are closing, employees work remotely from home, and some are laying their employees off. We are called to “Feed, Clothe, Heal, and Share the Gospel.” This is our mission and we will not stop now. We can’t do it without faithful volunteers.

There are people that God puts in your life that are so very special. Lettie is one of those individuals that God will say to, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.”

Lettie has been a volunteer at Christ’s Body Ministries for many years. She is not paid staff, but gives of her time freely and always has a smile. Her story inspires me and we want it to be a blessing to you. This simple text exchange tells the whole story.

Lettie sent a text to me this week. Denis, would you consider a cook for the homeless an essential volunteer? But regardless of the Mayor’s ruling, I’m still coming down tomorrow early to help.” I replied to her, “Lettie, you are not only an essential volunteer, more importantly you are a loved, most valuable daughter of the LORD!”

Lettie replied, “Thank you Denis. I know you guys appreciate me, and I really appreciate that but that was not what I was worried about. I’m just so weary of people telling me that I should not risk coming down and I should be careful. I am careful Denis.

My boss of my house cleaning job, my only income, gave me a lecture yesterday about how I could be a carrier of the coronavirus. I finally asked him if he wanted me to stop working for them because I could not stop feeding the homeless or working with our food bank people in our church.

No he didn’t want me to do that he just thought that somebody else could feed them. God has called me.

So that is not even a question in my mind if somebody else could do it. Yes I need my paying job to pay my bills, but more important I need to serve my Lord for he calls me to do that. Thank you for letting me share all of this with you and for your understanding. I am not scared to come down there at all.

Yes I’ll be careful, yes I know I could get sick, and you could get sick, we all could get sick, but we serve a sovereign God and he knows what he has for us in our lives. So I’m not worried. Again thank you Denis so much.

Lettie is an example of a faithful, loyal follower of Jesus who will do whatever He asks her to do regardless of the risk involved. It’s an example we can all follow.

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