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God Leaves The 99 To Go After The One

Ed spent 40 years chasing after what the world says will make you happy. It led him to a life of drugs, motorcycle gangs, and prison. But God had different plans for his life. Read his story here.

Meet Ed Tanner. He's been at Christ's Body Ministries since February 10, 2012, when he started working in Respite Care ministering to our homeless guests that come from the hospital. He is in a similar role now and works as a Respite Manager.

Before God got ahold of Ed’s life, he spent much of it getting in trouble with the police while he was in California dealing drugs. From 1997-2000 Ed spent 3 years in prison and during that time he committed his life to Jesus. He spent a lot of his time behind bars learning about Jesus in the Bible studies.

Jesus leaves the 99 to go after the one

After being released from prison, he stayed clean until 2005 when he relapsed and spent $3000 on Meth and partied for 5 months. He was staying in a friend's motor home near downtown Denver and saw a homeless shelter called Jesus Saves. He stayed at the shelter and God got his attention again and told him to stop partying or go back to prison.

He threw the drugs out and got a bed at the rescue mission where has was admitted into a drug rehab program. Ed stayed in the program for 2 years, from 2006-2008. Because he had a stroke, Ed had to leave the program. Ed still struggles with many medical issues.  

Ed moved in with a girlfriend, recovered, and went back to a program called New Life. He stayed until 2012 until he was hired by John Morehead, the Director of Christ’s Body Ministries, where he worked in CB Respite Care for 2 years. He then went to work for the New Life program in 2014 as a house manager until 2016.

Ed tells our guests how Jesus changed his life

After leaving his house manager position, Ed worked with his son doing plumbing and then God brought him back to Christs’s Body Respite Care again.  He is now working as the full-time manager of Respite.

It is exciting to see how God can change someone's heart who has done drugs, been in motorcycle gangs for 40 years, and spent years in prison. God is woven through Ed's story and had a different plan for his life where he now tells our homeless guests about Jesus and how he can change their life.

Meet Ed’s service dog, Arlo. They are a team and Arlo is there to help Ed if he has any medical issues. Arlo has gone through extensive training and is not only Ed’s helper, but it is also a relationship of mutual companionship.

This is just one story of what God is doing at Christ’s Body Ministries helping us See, Love, and Help the homeless rise in Christ. Go to our website (christsbody.org) to see how you can partner with us.

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