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Pastor Jim Chapman


Luke 15:11-24


My dad went to every one of my high school basketball contests. There were many night-time games in faraway towns, often in foul weather. Faithfully, he would sit in the stands and keep a scorecard-rebounds, points scored, etc. There were times when the official scorer would compare his statistics with the ones my dad was recording! I knew that if I glanced into the stands, my dad was there. My father was not a man of great words, but his deeds said everything.


The story of the Prodigal Son is a beautiful account of the love of a father towards his wayward son. This young man (likely a teenager because he was unmarried) decided to head out into the big world on his own. He had no intention of returning to the hum drum and boring ways of his father’s house. He demanded his portion of inheritance, and left. His father could have intervened and snipped his plans, but he did not. Quickly, the young man dives into trouble right away- and in the end, squanders his inheritance. On top of it all, a famine hits his new city. “He signed on with a citizen who assigned him to his fields to feed the pigs!” (Luke 15:15) For a Jewish boy, it could not get any lower. He was starving and desperate. It was time to go home.


The father had been waiting, watching, and praying for his son’s return. This Jewish man had every cultural and legal right to impose harsh measures upon his wayward son, even indentured servitude. Yet, he responds with overwhelming, fatherly love! On the other hand, his son was prepared for judgment-he even had a speech rehearsed for his homecoming encounter with his dad. He had been humbled and convicted of his transgressions (Luke 15: 18.19). Instead, a loving father awaited and threw a party for him!


Jesus is describing God the Father, and how he loves us. God waits for you and me. His love for us never changes. No matter where we have journeyed to, he patiently awaits our return to him. The homeless guests we serve at Christ’s Body desperately need to experience this love from their heavenly Father. In all our work at Christ’s Body, we are focusing on taking the extra minute to tell our homeless friends that God loves them. For many, it is a hard thing to grasp, particularly considering their current homeless experience. We know that if we can nudge them in that direction, their lives will be changed.


“How great is the love the Father has lavished upon us, that we should be the children of God!” (1 John 3:1)

Pastor Jim 


A note from Pastor Bruce Carter


I sincerely thank each Church, for stepping up for the Saturday Outreach Ministry during this pandemic and racial discrimination season.  We know that this is not our home we're just passing through. So we continue to do our work until the Lord call us home.

pastor bruce and dear guest

I Thank The Church on the Rock, for being so faithful.


I thank New Hope Church, Debbie for being faithful all of these years. 


I thank St John Lutheran Church, for your faithfulness all these years.


I thank Evergreen Lutheran for your years of service with the wonderful blessing bags. 


I thank Sky chefs for your faithfulness with the wonderful sandwiches you put together. 


I thank Flatirons men's group for your ongoing faithfulness in supporting the sack lunch ministry. 


I thank Miss Jeannie Seely Ministry for your faithfulness all these years. 


I think Miss Ruby Joseph for your ongoing faithfulness God bless you.


I know you all would like to know when we will have the regular Saturday Outreach with the hot meals.  We all need to pray to our Lord and savior for this pandemic to stop.

2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us and people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.  I believe this is the only way everything will change we need a worldwide Revival.   But until then I'm praying that we could possibly meet again at Church in the City parking lot in August or September. 


Please pray with me for a Revival in this world. The Lord want to take His Abode in man. God have two thrones, one in the highest heaven and the other in the lowest heart. 


To God be the glory thank you for your faithfulness, Church. 


Love you all, 


Pastor Bruce


As we continue to minister to our homeless guests in new ways, we are filled with excitement that we have been able to welcome back many volunteers and in turn provide more to our guests!   Take a look:

this month in photos

We are now providing 650 meals per week to our guests in homeless camps thanks to our small group food trays, our burritos prepared by volunteers, and the unique ways of delivering these delights.  (PHOTO, RIGHT)

larry and jerry with burritos in tow

We were able to provide 300 articles of clothing last week through our mobile  ministry!

Volunteers are now able to come in house to help with clothing in support of our mobile ministry.  Our volunteers sort and organize cloths and place them in bins or on mobile racks to be loaded on the van and taken to the streets.

GUESTS can now chose clothes at camp
peggy and jill hard at work

With great excitement we share that our pancake breakfast volunteers are back!   As a result, our Friday morning breakfast has gone to the camps and it is a huge hit (PHOTO, BELOW).   

a long line for pancakes and sausage is worth the wait

Every effort and contribution enables us to Feed, Clothe, Heal and Share the Gospel and for this we are thankful.

volunteer spotlight

Meet Lettie Blanchard, one of our faithful volunteers here at Christ’s Body. If you have not got to meet Lettie in person yet, know that you can always pick her out of a crowd by her smile and her heart for Jesus which she wears so beautifully on her sleeve.  


Lettie came to us at Christ’s Body nearly 9 years ago. After walking into our kitchen, she recalls feeling honored to start cooking and serving food alongside another soup maker extraordinaire.   To this day Lettie is still making a turkey rice soup that will knock your socks off.  

always a smile with lettie

Recently we have been blessed to add her soup to our weekly street outreach by serving it from the food truck.   Lettie is also one of our dear sets of hands that is making burritos that supply our Burrito Bible Brigade.  She’s also helped us supply clothing to our homeless friends by networking herself to be a point of collection for clothing donations. Lettie also makes sack lunches in her “free time” and hands them out at homeless camps weekly! “I’m feeding them because they are hungry, and they see God’s love for them in me.” Says Lettie. Well put sister.     

Lettie is inclined to talk not of “her” deeds but of the LORD’S, and how HE does so much through us. He always provides, and she considers it a privilege to be part of God’s channel of love here at Christ’s Body. 

One of the greatest joys that Lettie has had over the years in serving with us is the joy of seeing how God heals and is transforming lives all the time. Lettie recalls watching and serving alongside many of our resident staff and seeing their lives transformed physically and emotionally through Jesus. God IS transforming all of us through His great work, we agree.

If you are in the mood to see Christ living through someone in beautiful ways, or you just need to be encouraged that God is ALWAYS at work and always meets our needs, spending just one minute with Lettie will send you skipping along the right path. 

Lettie, how God is at work in you for His good purpose fills us with praise and thanksgiving to serve along with you!

it all started when...

A note from our Respite Chaplain, Ed Tanner

How I got started in wanting to work with homeless people:  This all started when I was  in prison from 1983 to 1989.  I had a lot of time to spend with Jesus and got close to the Holy Spirit. I know now in life I am nothing without my Jesus.   


When I lost my son, I thought my world was over. At that time God put some very good people in my life at Christ Body. I remember Pastor Bruce let us do my son’s memorial service  in the sanctuary.  Yes, I got mad at God but Christ Body and the people here helped me to keep on going.  I had lost two sons to God and I was mad, but I do know that God put me there and all I had to do is believe and trust in Jesus and do what I was told by my Lord.


With Christ body ministries, it felt so good doing God’s work with God’s people and there is just so much to do. I first was in respite,  then became a manager and chaplain. Now I also help Larry to keep the respite clean and the guys fed. I have been working respite for 10 years and have worked with some really good brothers and sisters in Christ. It can keep you busy.

ed (above, LEFT) and larry ARE gifts to respite

I have met a lot of good brothers and sisters in Christ here. I have forgotten a lot of stuff I had learned but the Holy Spirit gives me what I need when I need it. I so much love working at Christ Body and the people I work with. My spirit has grown a lot working at Christ Body. I have learned that the thing we get in life is not worth anything without Jesus. As long as what we do in the name of Jesus, and mean it from the heart, the things we get we will find that they do have meaning to it for we find Jesus has given it to us.

I can say I know I am not so smart these days but as long as I call on the name of Jesus everything is possible. I take Christ everywhere with me because it is not about me; it is all about who you share the name of Jesus with. For 20 years I have been taking Jesus out everywhere I go, and putting him first thing is so much better in life for me. I must say that  I feel better now about myself and others. I learn so much when I see it’s not about me. It is not about Christ Body either, it is about Jesus, and what we do with what we are given as our tools to use. It does not have to always have to do with money.  He will give us what we need, to do what we need to do for Him. We are not here for us, we are here for Jesus. If we put our heart in the right place for Him, He will get us through.

until next month...
thank you for helping us share food, clothing AND THE gospel 

verse OF THE MONTH -


“When he was still a long way, his father saw him. Heart pounding, he ran out, embraced him, and kissed him.” Luke 11:20 (MSG)


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