December 2019 Newsletter

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Pastor Jim Chapman


God is Generous


James 1:5 and Luke 16:19-23Ps. 82:3


God is so generous. How should I respond? Christmas reminds me of how generous He has been to me.

Christmas is all about this God-created generosity. Our modern culture has twisted it a bit by believing that generosity comes from one to another, usually from those who we know and like, and who are deserving. While there is the truth about it, the reason for the Christmas season is God’s pure true generosity flowing from God to undeserving humans. Jesus’ mission was quite simple: to die for you and me, redeeming us to right standing with God. I could never buy this or earn it. Sounds pretty generous to me.

God’s generosity is more than just our salvation, he desires to be generous to us in every area of our lives. Succinctly, James 1:5 reminds us to “ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him.” There is no fine print or a quid pro quo. God is very interested in our daily lives. He simply desires to bless us within a personal relationship with him.

He also desires that we are generous towards others in return. The Hebrew word for generosity is ‘tsedaqah’, the practice of personal righteousness and justice towards others. Jewish rabbis have taught for centuries that ‘tsedaqah’ was at the heart of all generous communities. This word work at its root meaning implies not only a personal character trait of being naturally generous to others but a particular focus for the poor and needy. Taking care of people is quite simply the righteous thing to do.

Generosity to others should be a natural impulse-strong trait for all Christians. When we are generous to others it demonstrates evidence of our salvation. When we give to others, we display our loyalty to every Christian, mirroring God, and that we are familiar with His ways. Generosity is not only about doing a good thing for someone else but doing the right thing too. How much different would our world be if we carried this into our daily lives?

I do not deserve God’s generosity. Let’s make it a reality for others.


To God be the glory,


Pastor Jim

Demetri is the latest resident to join Christ’s Body Ministries. After a month of faithful volunteer work,  staff and residents invited Demetri into our community here at CBM. His humility, love, and willingness to serve the Lord has made that decision easy. Demetri is at a point in his life where he has placed God’s purpose first and is grateful to have been given a new life in Christ. We look forward to all the exciting things God has planned for his life.

                                        Thank You!


As generosity is our theme this month, it’s worth mentioning that because of others' generosity, Christ’s Body Ministries has been able to serve over 50,000 meals and hand out approximately 10,000 articles of clothing. We appreciate every individual, church, and group that donates clothing, gives financially, donates their time and talent to those in need in Denver. As the year wraps up it is important to realize just who it is we are serving when we serve others. To God be the glory!

Generosity From Our Friends


We are blessed to have a wonderful relationship with Operation Christmas Child. Every year we receive boxes of hygiene products, candy, and liquids that people donate to them in their Christmas boxes. They are not able to send any liquids or perishable items to other countries. Not everyone knows this, and to our benefit along with other ministries, they give those donated items to us. Our friend and volunteer Ron goes to pick those donations up and is happy to help distribute them to our homeless guests.


Ministry of Prayer

Please come and pray with us!

Tuesdays: We meet regularly every Tuesday from 12:00-12:30 and invite anyone who feels called to join us. We specifically pray for the church. We are a church to the homeless and we lead many of our guests to the Lord.


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