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Pastor Jim Chapman


The Game of Life

In order to be a successful golfer, a player must master both the long game and the short game.  It’s not easy, trust me. The long game requires power and distance to put the ball on the putting green in as few strokes as possible. Right, it’s easier said than done. On the other hand, the short game is completely opposite, requiring finesse, which produces accuracy.

For the Christian, the lifelong pursuit of spiritual maturity is akin to golf. The Bible calls this process, sanctification, a big word for an even bigger end. The Apostle Paul writes that “you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:11). Sanctification is a divine, holy work, which conforms us toward the image of Jesus Christ.  Only God can take sinners and turn them inside out (1Thessalonians 4:3).

This dramatic renewal plays out in the here and now that is the short game, the physical life we lead in the present. Sanctification also introduces a radical new view of eternity. This is the long game that leads to heaven, with a compelling new desire to live a holy life toward eternity, which pleases God.

At Christ’s Body, we believe that God is all about preparing his followers for the game of eternity. Every day, we are promoting a spiritual “clean up” to all of our guests, beginning with the first step of faith in Jesus Christ. For many of our guests, this is a messy process which takes time-even a lifetime. When God cleans us up, he makes us new.  We become new creatures. This is the game for life.


Blessings to you and your family,


Pastor Jim

Medical Van at Christ’s Body

We have a wonderful

partnership with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, which provides medical services for the homeless in Denver. They bring a van containing medical equipment, medicine, and doctors to our Friday morning pancake breakfast each week. They have done this for many years and it is a wonderful outreach for our guests. We are grateful for this ministry partnership and value the services they bring to the people we care about.

Passion for the Homeless

John Moorhead was a long-time businessman in Denver before he jumped headfirst into fulltime ministry. He knew before he made ministry a new career in his early 50’s that he would work with inner-city poor and homeless or orphans. He ended up focusing on the poor and homeless because God kept bringing him to John 13, the chapter about Jesus washing His disciple’s feet. After a while, the final verse (John 13:17) struck him: “Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” That was his message from God to get started working with the homeless.


After researching many ministries that work with the homeless in Denver, he became aware of Christ’s Body Ministries and thought they needed him the most. Christ’s Body was a good ministry that was not doing well financially, and John’s knowledge of the business world could greatly benefit Christ’s Body. He raised enough money in the first six months of working here to fund the entire year. He knew a lot of good Christians who wanted to help the homeless but didn’t know-how. John made those people aware of how they could help the homeless through Christ’s Body and they are still helping this ministry today.


His passion for the homeless grew because he learned to love the homeless. John said, “I came to love the homeless because homeless people are very honest and transparent. Their faith is often stronger than mine. They just need someone to love and help them.” Friends would often ask, “Don’t you ever get tired of helping the homeless after doing it for such a long time?” He said that he didn't get tired of it because homeless people, who really don’t trust anyone, trust him.


John has been retired from Christ’s Body for two years now, but he volunteers to serve breakfast every Wednesday. The reason he still comes down every week to volunteer is that “these people are my friends.” He loves the homeless, and when you watch John interact with them, it is obvious that they love him. Letting go of the leadership role for Christ’s Body wasn’t difficult because, John says “I’ve been reminded many times that this isn’t Bruce McBogg’s ministry, or John Moorhead’s ministry, or Jim chapman’s ministry. This is God’s, and He puts people in this ministry when it is their time to lead.”

Edgar’s Search for Something Better, Helps Him Find the Best

After spending 13 years in prison in Ohio for stealing and burglary, Edgar went to a half-way house for one year. Like many ex-convicts, Edgar didn’t know anything else and went right back to being a thief, pickpocket, and street hustler. It’s how he made money while living on the streets after moving to New York City. Edgar wanted to change but had no idea how. He just knew he wanted something better.  

He raised his hands while he was walking the NYC streets and cried out to God, asking Him to change his situation.  Five steps later a friend pulled up in a car and said, "Get in."  This friend said, ”I know the unemployment rate in Maryland is very low and you can probably get a job so you can get out of New York.” Edgar thought this was an answer to prayer and immediately got out of his friend's car and called Greyhound.

He bought a bus ticket on the spot and took off for Maryland. The next morning Edgar found a job as a day laborer in a nursery.  It was hard work and it only lasted two days.

Edgar, not having anywhere to go, ended up staying at a Maryland shelter for 90 days. He got another job and managed to save a few dollars. Another homeless guy he knew said to him, "Hey, Edgar, I'm going to San Diego to start a business and I'm going to hire you.” The man took off and sent him a letter saying he found a shelter for them.

So Edgar caught another bus, this time to San Diego, hoping he could find his friend who was starting a business and could give him a job. But he never saw this friend again and ended up homeless in the San Diego for a few more years. A new guy he had never seen before came into the San Diego mission from Denver and said, "Edgar, you need to go to Denver because they have jobs, missions who will feed you, and give you a place to stay."

Edgar, still looking for something better, was on a bus to Denver the next morning, spending every last bit of money to get here. Maybe, he hoped, this was the city where he could find something better. After he got off the bus, Edgar called the Coalition for the Homeless and they told him where he could stay. This was in April 1988. 

Even though Edgar was not a drug addict, he enrolled in a drug and alcohol program so he could get off the streets, have a bed, meals, and some stability in his life. During the two-year program, he was required to attend Bible studies where he heard about Jesus. While in the program at the Denver Rescue Mission, Edgar made the decision that he needed God if he was going to experience any real change.

God changed Edgar’s heart and started working in his life. He went to Emily Griffith, got some training, and found a job as a nurses aide. He eventually got Section 8 housing and his own apartment in Denver. Edgar lost his job because of some mistakes he made with a patient, but he still had a place to live. A lady in the building told him about a place at 850 Lincoln St. called Christ’s Body Ministries where they served meals every day. Edgar walked through the doors in 1993 and kept coming in for the food and the love he felt from the staff.

Edgar had talents as an artist and began to show some of his drawings to John Morehead, who was the director of Christ’s Body at the time. John saw Edgar's talent and told him about an idea for a mural on a wall in the day room. Edgar liked the idea and began coming up with more ideas for the mural. It took him one year to paint the mural, and he put the final touches on it in 2009. The painting is all about how Jesus frees us from the old way of life and gives us new life in Him.

Edgar remains a guest at Christ’s Body where he comes and eats, attends our School House teachings on Monday, and is a positive influence for our residents and street volunteers. Edgar attends Flatirons Church in Denver and is growing in his faith in Jesus, who took a man with no hope and is using him now to shine light into a dark world.



Pastor Denis

Urgent Business!

We have an opportunity to possibly purchase the property next door to our facility. We would ask you to pray for God's favor, wisdom, timing, the right price, and His influence in all decisions concerning this opportunity. We thank you in advance and will update you on this decision when it comes available. 

Edgar and the day room mural

Five Minutes: Your Opinion Matters

We would appreciate a few moments of your time to evaluate how we are doing and how we can make improvements at 850 Lincoln. Because of your investment of time, talents, and gifts, we know that you care for this ministry and the homeless guests we serve. We will be raising money for improvements in our building and would value your input. We would like your opinion on what our top priorities should before improvements. If you volunteer, please click the volunteer link to complete a short survey. If you are a donor, please click the other link to complete a short survey. Thank you so much for all you do to help us take care of the poor.


Volunteer Survey: Start Now! 

Financial Partner (Donor) Survey: Start Now!

Ministry of Prayer

Please come and pray with us!

Tuesdays: We meet regularly every Tuesday from 12:00-12:30 and invite anyone who feels called to join us. We specifically pray for the church. We are a church to the homeless and we lead many of our guests to the Lord.

Wednesdays: We pray from 11:30-12:00 for the helpless, homeless, hurting, and lost.


Thursdays: We pray from 11:30-12:00 for the world, praying that God will use His people to help others "to know Christ, and to make Him known."

Fridays: We pray from 10:30-11:00 for our community, people we see regularly, and those we work with or live near.


Christ's Body Ministries

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