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It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Deb Butte. Deb is our Director of Programs and Respite Care here at Christ Body. Deb did her undergraduate work at the University of Nebraska and her Masters in Counseling at Denver Seminary. Deb also served as a missionary in Eastern Europe. She has been married for 24 years to Brent and has two adult boys. Deb has been with Christ Body since 2005. ~~Pastor Jim Chapman

Clerance is a funny guy. The first day he came, he had me laughing. But Clerance’s story isn’t funny. He went to college on a football scholarship but as he aged, partying became more important than living. Although partying promises a fun escape from responsibility and an air of “cool” Clerance now states, “I was killing myself”.

Here are some words from Clerance:

“Deb Butte, our Respite Care Manager has helped me. I came here from the ER at Denver Health. I did not know how I got here but I am very thankful that I did. It probably saved my life. My health was very bad. My physical disabilities were due to drinking and drugs which caused me to be homeless and I didn’t even care. I could have died out there. Now I know that there is a different life, free of those demons. Christ’s Body has helped me get my medicine, my documents, a place to live but mostly has provided me a place to get myself together. They have helped me stop using alcohol and drugs and now I want to live! I can now see what it has done to me and how a lot of people I know have died because of it. Thank you for your help and showing love to me. This is my last chance and I will give it my best shot.” – Clerance

When Clerance came to us he thought it was still 2015. He lost two years in an alcohol fog. He says, “I thought I was having fun – what was I doing?”.

Every Tuesday night I have “Group Nite” with our Respite Guests. We have dinner together, do a Bible Study and then participate in some kind of activity with one another. One night at dinner I asked, “What is something you enjoy that many people wouldn’t know is true about you?” Clerance’s response was “being sober”. “People would never believe that this is how I WANT to live. It’s harder…. you don’t get to avoid things… but I want my kids to be proud of me and I like caring about people. I didn’t care about people when I was drunk”.

When Clearance and I read about Jesus together … He recognized Jesus’ message is simple. Clerance sees Jesus as a “DUDE”; in charge, not intimidated, with a plan. That’s someone Clerance can follow, and now having space and encouragement to try out some of Jesus’ instructions, he’s learned he likes it.

I like it too and that’s why I love this job. I get to see the blind begin to see, the lame begin to walk and the sinner get redeemed. Thank you for your part in allowing me to walk among these “eternal beings” and encourage them to truly live.

Yes indeed, It is good when you truly obey our Lord’s command, “You must love and help your neighbors just as much as you love and take care of yourself.”

James 2: 8


Ed & Pam

Congratulations to our Ed & Pam!

Feeding, Clothing & Sharing the Gospel 365 Days a Year in Denver, Colorado.

Since 1990, this nonprofit 501(c)3 organization has been supported by the tax deductible donations of volunteers, churches, businesses, groups and foundations.

Thanks to The Turbo Press, Inc. for adding color to our newsletter each month!

We appreciate your support!!!

Can you carry a tune?

We are in need of “musicians” to lead us in song on these dates for our church services at Christ’s Body:
May 21; June 4, 18; July 2, 16, 30; Aug. 6; Sept. 3, 17; Oct. 1, 29; Nov. 5; and December 3, 17, 31.

Come help the deaf begin to hear…like our Deb.

Visit us at 850 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO.


Generations Working Together

For years, Christ Body has thrived on volunteers from different generations. Older and younger adults, male or female, Christ Body has been richly blessed by their spirited service to the homeless.

They have brought to life Matthew 25:40- “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

God’s Kingdom is best pushed forward when believers of all ages, gender and ethnicities work together. The Apostle Paul talks about this spirit of mutual cooperation in his letter to the Corinthians. This should be a natural thing for Christians. “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”(1 Corinthians 12:27). 

What Paul envisioned was a beautiful tapestry made up of God’s people working together to enlarge and grow God’s Kingdom-and it’s particularly poignant when believers serve the poor, homeless, widows and orphans.

The takeaway for those who offer their time here at Christ body is this; as we work together serving the homeless, we do so as if we were directly working for God. As we do our work, our differences fade away and we in turn become the Church, bringing glory to God and moving His Kingdom forward. But there is another point too- our guests at Christ Body see God in us, and they are drawn to him by our service.

Many of our daily guests face a desperate life-for some its life and death. Yet, even with these challenges they face, I cannot tell you how many sincere “thank you’s” we receive each day from individuals who appreciate our care for them.

My hope is that each guest who comes to Christ Body will not only see believers from every generation serving God, but they will walk away with their soul stirred. We would love for you to join our inter-generational team at Christ Body. Here’s what we need: first, your prayers. Our work moves forward as we pray for God’s favor and leading. Second, we can always use volunteers each week to serve food, clean and give out clothing. Finally, our work thrives through your financial support and gifts.

Blessed Easter.

Jims Signature

Jim Chapman
Pastor, CEO


Our Wednesday Prayer Meeting at noon in the sanctuary is growing. Join us to lift up our shelter, our guests and nation. We also pray for whatever the needs are of those in attendance. We have folks who work/live in Denver pray with us.

easter images

Christ’s Body is in need of someone willing to sponsor the meat of one steer per quarter. We are so thankful for the group that provide it in the past, but they are unable to continue.

We are also in need of toothbrushes, little soaps and shampoos if you have any from your recent travels. It never ceases to amaze us how God provides through so many to keep this ministry going!

easter images


Great Improvements happening here at CB. The after of the new upstairs office paint.


Feeding, Clothing & Sharing the Gospel 

365 Days a Year in Denver, Colorado.

Since 1990, this nonprofit 501(c)3 organization has been supported by the tax deductible donations of volunteers, churches, businesses, groups and foundations.

Thanks to The Turbo Press, Inc. for adding color to our newsletter!

We appreciate your support!!!

Jesus said: I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.                

John 11:25-26

The Noticer


March is Spring Break Month.

Lots of volunteers helping out this month.

We are so thankful!!

Christ’s Body Ministries

The Noticer March 2017

Greetings friends. I hope our March newsletter finds you well.  Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers for our ministry.  We could not do this work without your partnership and prayer.  In this month’s edition, I have asked our newest staff member Liz Furman to share with you her initial observations. I think you will enjoy her fresh perspective and enthusiasm.

In Christ, Pastor Jim

First let me just say, I am in awe of John and Kathy Moorhead who did so much for this ministry for so long. They took a fledgling shelter and turned it into a place God used to change eternity for many struggling people, and handed it off to his successor in the black financially.

The next thing I noticed is how amazed I am at the people who give monthly to this ministry (churches~individuals~businesses~from in-state and out), send money every month to help the people who come to CB. We are thankful for the gifts sent, gifts that allow us to help in JESUS name.

Another thing that blows me away, are the faithful volunteers who come every week, or every other week, but they come regularly. Watching them build relationships with the guests is awesome. They are being used of God to change the future for many hurting people.

Then there are the first time volunteers who come hesitantly to help with a meal, or come with their college friends to give their spring break to something bigger than themselves. Many shared that they are awed at how much they get out of serving.

Several discovered this isnt a scary place to be. They’re tentative at first, but they get talking to these people and wellI have a hunch the volunteers get as much out of it as the guests.

I was afraid I wouldnt be very good at this job because I am a firm believer that we are where we are in life because of the choices we make. While I still believe that, I have to wonder, after hearing the stories of some of the folks here, if presented with the same circumstances might I be sleeping right next to them in their under the bridge homes.

Another amazing thing that brought me up short, was how quickly I would fall in love with the people who live and work here~the residence staff. And the ones working here who were formerly residence staffers. Not to mention the incredible Deb, Sarah and Pastor Bruce (who sings like a bird!). They are humble and dedicated. I so respect the work they do, and am thankful God is allowing me to join them, arms linked, to shine the light of Christ into a dark world. And it is DARK!

The last thing I wasn’t expecting was what a pleasure it is to work with such a man as Jim Chapman. He’s one of my husband’s best friends, and now I know why. Here at Christs Body there’s never a dull moment, and that’s not always a good thing. Jim deals with personalities and circumstances I don’t think even he expected. He is a godly man, doing work that matters for eternity. God placed Jim here for such a time as this, to share the truth. What an opportunity. What a huge responsibility, and what an amazing man God has called to this challenge. Just as his predecessor before him, in a different, but equally amazing way.

I am so blessed to get to work here. And while I LOVE running our little family motel near Yellowstone in the summers (you really should come, it is in paradise), I am surely going to miss the folks I’ve met, and grown to love here at Christs Body. I look forward to the fall when I can come running back.

I would like to ask you to consider praying with us on Wednesdays at noon here in the sanctuary, if you live or work in the city. We pray for the ministry, the folks who come and for God to make a way for us to grow this vital work in His Name. We ask for protection for all who work or volunteer here. We lift our country, its leaders and all Americans to know and love Jesus Christ. If you cant come in person, would you join us in prayer?

One last thing. If you are one who helps us to shine Christs love in any capacity, financially, donations of food or clothing, prayer, or time, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I havent seen people shining Christs light more brightly in a long time. Keep it up! And may God richly bless you for listening to His call to help many who struggle. If you are one who God is nudging to join, please answer the call. You will be blessed.

God Speed,

Liz Cowen Furman

Office and Volunteer Care Coordinator~ Philippians 4:13. (for Petes Sake).

Christ’s Body, Inc.

Jim Chapman

Pastor CEO

PO Box 18834

Denver, CO 80218



Sharing the Love of Christ in the New Year (February 2017)

Sharing the Love of Christ in the New Year.

As we turn the pages into 2017, some things remain the same while other things are new. Our nation has a new President, the stock market has crested 20,000 for the first time and the New England Patriots are once again Super Bowl champions. But, some things never change- taxes due in April, colds and flu virus’ abound and the needs of the homeless seem to never end.

Winter time for the poor and homeless is a difficult time of the year.  The lack of shelter, food and adequate clothing can be a scourge. Many things you and I take for granted are luxury items for those whose heads rest on the pavement at night.

God has not forgotten them. He cares deeply about those who are less fortunate- the poor, the homeless, the drug addict, the prostitute and those who have lost their way into poverty and destitution. Isaiah echoes God’s heart for them, writing in Isaiah 58:7, “Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter-when you see the naked, to clothe him…?” This verse is convicting but more so reflective of God’s passion for those who find themselves in dire straits. God’s challenge has spanned human history not only as a reminder of His great love but a reminder of an opportunity for each of us who claim faith to be an agent for God in a most crucial way.

It seems to me that Isaiah’s call is an incredible way to see how God uses believers to not only bless those who are homeless, but for God to also bless those who act in his name. For many years we have had a group of saints who faithfully assemble every Friday morning at 6:30 am  to prepare pancakes and sausages to be served at our community breakfast. Hundreds attend this breakfast that now has the reputation of being the best breakfast in town. More importantly, their weekly faithfulness brings God’s touch to those in need and it also allows those of faith a unique moment to engage in a deep passion of God’s. When we assist on God’s behalf, it stirs heaven for both the recipient and the actor. To this point, Isaiah writes in verse 58:8, “then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.” Reaching out to those in need creates a partnership for those who God cares for deeply but it also allows those of faith an unique moment to engage in a deep passion of God’s.

I hope in this new year of 2017, you will consider partnering with us to bless, feed and clothe the poor and the homeless. Our work is impossible without your provision. That provision not only gives someone a clean pair of socks, something to eat or a hot cup of coffee, but it opens up their soul to God. A new thing occurs through your actions as God’s Kingdom touches them.

Jims Signature

Jim Chapman
Pastor, CEO


The King will answer and say to them, 

‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’  

Matthew 25:40


Happy Birthday to Resident Larry!

Larry's Birthday


Parting Thoughts (January 2017)

Dear Friends,


As I retire from full time ministry at Christ’s Body I have many different emotions but the primary one is gratitude. My deepest thanks to all of you for the best 17 years of my life.

First I am so thankful for my dear wife, Kathy. You made this sometimes scary journey of faith alongside me. Together we left the corporate world with its regular monthly salary and benefits for the uncertainty of “raising our support”. You had to keep your job with health insurance to make that possible. Despite working a full-time job you gave many hours every week with no earthly pay to produce this newsletter, maintain the mailing list and web page, receipt donors and countless other vital tasks for the Kingdom that came with no earthly recognition. Without you my dear there was no way we could have done this.

Next all of you who have so faithfully and generously given funds, meat, clothes, food, prayers and your time so we could feed, clothe and share the Gospel with Denver’s poor and homeless. You have truly been the Body of Christ. For all these years I have continued to be amazed by God’s faithfulness through His people to “meet ALL our needs richly in Christ Jesus”.

My gratitude to those fellow workers with me for the Lord’s Kingdom. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, our staff, Bruce, Deb and Sarah, the countless members of our resident staff and volunteers. You have so faithfully been there 365 days a year no matter the weather or obstacles the enemy has put in our way. Together we have been faithful and without your hard work and encouragement it could never have happened. Together we have stood against the attacks of Satan as he unsuccessfully worked to divide, discourage and distract us from our calling of showing the hope and light of Christ in a dark world.

My thanks to all those on the street who have become my friends. I am so blessed that when you had no one else to trust you trusted me with the most painful and hurting parts of your life. You honored me with your questions about God and desperate requests for His help and blessing. When someone got crazy you were always quick to come to my defense. I love you and will continue to pray for God’s safety and protection over you. 

Finally I am most grateful for our faithful God. From the beginning you have kept your promise to me from your Word. In the midst of craziness and violence you have kept us safe. Others might rely on armed security guards we have always trusted that our opening prayer to you every morning is all the protection we need. Your angels and your mighty arms have protected us and continually provided all that we need. Most recently you have provided a Godly new leader for this ministry, Jim Chapman.  Through all these years you have taught and blessed all of us with the joy that comes only from working in the vineyards of our Lord.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Num. 6:24-26.


God’s promise to me and all of us.

John 13:17 “ Now that you know these things you will be blessed IF you do them”.

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