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It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Deb Butte. Deb is our Director of Programs and Respite Care here at Christ Body. Deb did her undergraduate work at the University of Nebraska and her Masters in Counseling at Denver Seminary. Deb also served as a missionary in Eastern Europe. She has been married for 24 years to Brent and has two adult boys. Deb has been with Christ Body since 2005. ~~Pastor Jim Chapman

Clerance is a funny guy. The first day he came, he had me laughing. But Clerance’s story isn’t funny. He went to college on a football scholarship but as he aged, partying became more important than living. Although partying promises a fun escape from responsibility and an air of “cool” Clerance now states, “I was killing myself”.

Here are some words from Clerance:

“Deb Butte, our Respite Care Manager has helped me. I came here from the ER at Denver Health. I did not know how I got here but I am very thankful that I did. It probably saved my life. My health was very bad. My physical disabilities were due to drinking and drugs which caused me to be homeless and I didn’t even care. I could have died out there. Now I know that there is a different life, free of those demons. Christ’s Body has helped me get my medicine, my documents, a place to live but mostly has provided me a place to get myself together. They have helped me stop using alcohol and drugs and now I want to live! I can now see what it has done to me and how a lot of people I know have died because of it. Thank you for your help and showing love to me. This is my last chance and I will give it my best shot.” – Clerance

When Clerance came to us he thought it was still 2015. He lost two years in an alcohol fog. He says, “I thought I was having fun – what was I doing?”.

Every Tuesday night I have “Group Nite” with our Respite Guests. We have dinner together, do a Bible Study and then participate in some kind of activity with one another. One night at dinner I asked, “What is something you enjoy that many people wouldn’t know is true about you?” Clerance’s response was “being sober”. “People would never believe that this is how I WANT to live. It’s harder…. you don’t get to avoid things… but I want my kids to be proud of me and I like caring about people. I didn’t care about people when I was drunk”.

When Clearance and I read about Jesus together … He recognized Jesus’ message is simple. Clerance sees Jesus as a “DUDE”; in charge, not intimidated, with a plan. That’s someone Clerance can follow, and now having space and encouragement to try out some of Jesus’ instructions, he’s learned he likes it.

I like it too and that’s why I love this job. I get to see the blind begin to see, the lame begin to walk and the sinner get redeemed. Thank you for your part in allowing me to walk among these “eternal beings” and encourage them to truly live.

Yes indeed, It is good when you truly obey our Lord’s command, “You must love and help your neighbors just as much as you love and take care of yourself.”

James 2: 8


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