There are numerous ways you can be a blessing to those in need in Denver. The following are ways you can volunteer with Christ’s Body Ministries:

  • Periodically serve meals (250+ servings) that you have prepared at your home or church kitchen. The meals could be served Sunday evening at 850 Lincoln or Saturday afternoon on the street at 16th Ave & York. We’ll help with recipes, utensils, drinks and desserts.
  • Organize a non-perishable food drive at your job, school, or church.
  • Take some of our 5 respite care patients to the zoo, museum, a park or fishing.
  • Organize clothing drives at your church, school, or work for jeans, socks, t-shirts, blankets, jackets, backpacks, disposable razors, toothbrushes, and travel sized hygiene items.
  • Prepare an evening meal during the week for our 5 respite care patients.
  • Bring your friends or worship team and lead our friends in worship at one of our Sunday evening worship services.
    We also need volunteers to serve, cook or help with the clothing room and laundry during the day during the week.  We ask our volunteers to commit to a 2-3 hour shift at least every other week.

Please contact us here at, christsbody@outlook.com, if you’d like to get involved or would like more information about volunteering with Christ’s Body Ministries.

You’ve decided to volunteer, here’s what to expect on Sundays:
For Sundays you should make either the Beef & Noodle or the Tater Tot recipe 8 times.  If you want to make your own recipe that’s OK, but please discuss with Jim Chapman first.

Everything else for the meal will be provided at Christ’s Body.  If you would like to bring something extra such as salads, please feel free to do so but not required.

Take 1-25 north to the Broadway/Lincoln exit. Go north (right) on Lincoln. Broadway becomes Lincoln. The address is 850 Lincoln.  (UPDATE, Spring 2014: You will need to park on the street.  Parking is free on Sundays.)  There are stairs on the south side of the Christ’s Body building. Go up the stairs and enter in through the door at the top of the stairs.
-If you are planning on attending the church service, it begins at 6:00 pm.
-If you are only coming to serve, please arrive by 6:45 pm. Plan on eating at home as you will be very busy. Church service will be going on so please be respectful of that. You will be done by 8:00 pm

What Do We Do There?
Anyone handling food must wear gloves.  They are available in the kitchen.  Several adults will be needed behind the serving line to spoon food onto plates.  A child can stand at the front of the line and hand plates to the adult serving the casserole.  Two children can stand behind the line to hand out bread.  One adult needs to be in the kitchen washing the dirty pans as they are emptied.  Children can help in passing out the desserts.  We also need 2 adults that can help in the clothing room.  Keep servings moderate.  We need to make sure everyone gets through the line once.

Remember we are not just serving food but more importantly the Love of Christ.  Smile and greet those you serve.  It might be the first friendly greeting they have had that day.

What to expect for the Saturday Free Groceries and Hot Meal:
The feeding and grocery distribution is now at Church In The City at 16th Ave. and York.  You will need to arrive with the cooked hot meal between 1:30 and 1:45 pm.  Meet Pastor Bruce in Church In The City’s parking lot on the southwest corner of 16th Ave & York.  Pastor Bruce Carter’s cell phone is 303-669-3330.  He will show you where to set up your hot meal line in the basement meeting room of the church.  The free groceries will be given out in the parking lot.

After you get the meal setup, about 2pm, Pastor Bruce will give a short gospel message followed by a prayer in the parking lot.  Following this those in line for the hot meal will be let inside for you to serve them.

After the meal, please follow Pastor Bruce’s directions for clean-up and room set-up for Sunday morning.  We are very grateful to Church In The City for providing such a nice space for us to feed our hungry friends.

For Saturdays you should make either the Beef & Noodle or the Tater Tot recipe 8 or more times.  If you want to make your recipe, that is OK, but please discuss with Pastor John Moorhead first.  You also need to bring enough salad or vegetables and cookies for 200-250 servings.   It is also a good idea to bring a few large serving spoons.  Christ’s Body will provide plates, napkins, silverware, cups, coffee and water.

Remember we are not just serving food, but more importantly the love of Christ.  Smile and greet those you serve.  It might be the first friendly greeting they have had in a few days.

About 4-6 volunteers will be needed serving the meal.  More could be used outside to help hand out the free groceries.

After serving, packing up and cleaning up the room you should be done by 3:30 pm.  Thank you for your willingness to serve the hungry, broken and lonely.

….”as you have done it to the least of these you have done it to me.” -Matt 25:40

Where to find us

Address: 850 Lincoln Street Denver, CO 80203
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 18834 Denver, CO 80218
Phone: 303-860-1272
Fax: 303-860-0703
Email: christsbody@outlook.com

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