Our Board and Our Staff


The Board of Directors:

(first row left to right): Peggy DeOrio and Edna Robinson.

(middle row): Jason Romero, Mike Martin, Debbie Pasko, Debbie Weeter, and Michael Blackburn.

(back row): Steve Mercer (Chairman), John Moorhead, and Dick Leensvaart.

(missing): Dr. Mike Poulos.




Jim Chapman – Pastor and Ex. Director


Christ's Body Ministries















Deb Butte – Case Manager for Respite Care
















Sarah Newell – Case Manager for Benefits







Bruce Carter – Pastor and Worship Leader


















George Emilio Adair Jr. – Resident Staff, Maintenance 




















Where to find us

Address: 850 Lincoln Street Denver, CO 80203
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 18834 Denver, CO 80218
Phone: 303-860-1272
Fax: 303-860-0703
Email: christsbody@outlook.com

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