Heather’s Flute

June 2011 Dear Friends, In my eleven years at Christ’s Body I’ve been asked for many things but this was a first.  We had just met and Heather was immediately pleading with me to buy her a flute.  With desperate earnestness she said, “I really need a flute.  When I had my flute I could […]

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Larry Chapter 2

May 2011 Dear Friends, Last month I shared about one of our respite patients, Larry.  He has battled many things in his life including an alcoholic abusive father.  Praise God Larry is moving out of the darkness and into the light of God’s mercy and love.  In response to that newsletter a dear sister in […]

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Who Am I and Who Is God?

April 2011 Dear Friends, If we don’t have accurate answers to these two questions our journey through this life is inevitably confused and difficult.  There are various reasons why many of our friends at Christ’s Body have wrong answers to these questions.  Some of the sources are absent/abusive parents, the lies of the enemy or […]

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Jesus Is Still Healing

March 2011 Dear Friends, I continue to be amazed by the many different people with incredible stories who come to Christ’s Body.  Some of them I’ve seen for many years but if they don’t cause trouble or ask to speak with me I often don’t know anything about them.  Sam was just such a person.  […]

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My Jewish Friend

February 2011 Dear Friends, Christ’s Body has many helpers and supporters who help us care for our hurting friends.  They each bring their own unique gifts and desires to serve others.  One of these helpers is my dentist, Dr. Neil Dobro of First Avenue Dental.  Neil has been my dentist for over 25 years.  A […]

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God Still Speaks To Us

January 2011 Dear Friends, Sometimes in a still small voice, sometimes in a very strong rebuke, sometimes through others if we listen for it we can hear God’s voice.  Here are some recent examples from Christ’s Body. It was a busy time at the counter.  I was in full Martha mode (Luke 10:38-42) focused on […]

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A Funeral and A Wedding

December 2010 Dear Friends, Last month I was honored one Sunday to conduct a memorial service for Tony Martinez and the next Sunday marry Gerald and Stephanie Wilganowski here at Christ’s Body.  Let me share with you a little of their separate journeys towards Jesus. I wrote about our special friend, Tony, in last March’s […]

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Two Respite Stories

November 2010 Dear Friends, Deb Butte does a quarterly report to Mile-High United Way on our respite care ministry.  Here are just 2 stories from this Quarters’  report.. Since we are a small program, with only 5 beds, the guests that stay at Christ’s Body Respite get a lot of attention and help.  Because of […]

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